We are proud of our engineering and R&D achievement in terms of Modütech company, quality and assurance of İşçimenler. Our MODUTECH modular bands, which are produced 100% by domestic capital, are utilized in diverse applications in all industrial groups, particularly in the food sector.


In Bakery Applications
(Transport of Dough, Divider Resting Lines, Lamination Lines)

In Meat Products Applications
(General Transfer, Cross Transport and Metal Detectors)

In Seafood Applications
(Classification Lines, Weight Measurement Lines)

In Soft Drink Applications
(Storage Tables, Pallet Unloading Line, Acceleration Lines)

In Fruit and Vegetable Applications
(Control and Classification Lines)

In Canned Food Applications
(Palletization, Mass Transport, Storage Tables Lines)

In Tire Production Applications
(Scaling, Marking, Water Separation Lines)

In Corrugated Board Applications
(Down Stowing, Cardboard Lifting and Transport Lines)

In Poultry Applications
(Sorting Lines in Flouring Machines)

In Snack Food Applications
(Cooling Lines)

Automotive Applications
(Auto Parts Production Lines)

In Packaging Applications
(Weight Control Points, Filling Lines, Pallet Transporting Unloading Lines, Transfer of Boxes)

In Printing and Paper Applications
(Printing Machine Feeding, Folding Machine Feeding)

Soft Drink Bottling Applications
(Palletization and Pallet Unloading Lines, Glass Bottle Palletization, Plastic Bottle Palletization)

In Material Transporting Applications
(Packaging and Palletization Lines)

In Textile Applications
(Cutting and Painting Lines)