Mafdel, of which we have been distributor in Turkey for 9 years, manufactures and designs thermoweldable belts for various applications. It fulfills the expectations of its customers with its V-belt, flat and special belt options. With our expert staff and comprehensive stock of products, we serve our customers with products utilized in several sectors.

Basic Characteristics of the Products

  • These are the products with high resistance and durability against tear and abrasion.
  • They are products with high resistance to oil, gas and solvents.
  • Since they may be produced at the desired sizes, they reduce the inventory costs thanks.
  • They can be used in different processes with the coating options available on the belts.


Used in the Following Sectors

  • Meat processing plants, small-scale poultry processing facilities
  • Ceramic, Tile production facilities
  • Metal can production and nut lines,
  • In woodworking plants

Product Specifications

  • It provides extended usage time and low cost of use in acidic and oily environments, particularly in the production of hygienic products.
  • As with other PVC and textile reinforced PU belts, it is possible to utilize V-guides on the lower surface of the belt, carrier elevator profiles and side wall on the belt.
  • The bonding time of the joint is much shorter and less costly than the bonding time of standard cloth belts, provided that the accurate bonding apparatus is used.

Food Quality

  • It has a long working life thanks to its waterproofness.
  • Thanks to its smooth surface, it is advantageous in terms of bacteria accumulation.
  • It bestows outstanding resistance to vegetable and animal oils.
  • It provides an advantage in terms of water consumption due to its easy cleaning.